GEN7 Messengers

  • Brittany Ross

    I am Waawaate Ikwe, which translates to Northern Lights Woman in English. My given name is Brittany Ross. More

  • Tamara Owl

    Tamara Owl Ottawa, ON More

  • Julie Desrochers  

    My name is Julie Desrochers and I am Métis from a small French community called Saint-Boniface which runs along the... More

  • Lynette Kryminski  

    Lynette Kryminski is a young Cree woman from Cross Lake First Nation in Manitoba. Lynette currently resides in... More

  • Sage Morin  

    Sage Morin Edmonton, AB More

  • Myles Ledesma  

    Myles Ledesma Edmonton, AB More

  • Patrick Mitsuing  

    Patrick Mitsuing Loon Lake, SK More

  • Kory Goulais

    Kory Goulais is of Ojibway decent from Nipissing First Nation, a reservation with approximately 900 residents located... More