Brianne Macpherson, Windsor ON

Brianne is in her second year of my Human Kinetics at the University of Windsor. After her bachelor's degree, she plans to pursue a master's degree in dietetics. Brianne has been involved in sport her entire life starting with swimming at the age of four and progressed through a number of sports, golf and volleyball being her favourite. She is currently involved with a non-profit organization that deals with children of low-income families and looking to create more change in her community via community projects.

Jillian Lacasse, Tecumseh ON

Jillian is a 3rd year student at the University of Windsor for Kinesiology. She is a certified Personal Trainer and is involved in her local church and school community. She is an advocate of health and well-being, and has her own blog dedicated to educating others about making healthy choices for their mind, body and souls. She hopes to help create a mentorship program that educates and empowers high school girls to become health ambassadors in their schools and own communities. Her future goals involve research, blogging, educating and inspiring in the field of health and wellness.  

Kyla Crocker, Toronto ON

Kyla was born and raised in Middle Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia. She graduated from Acadia University in 2014 with an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology. She has a passion for helping others and is described by others as the energizer bunny! She is currently living in Toronto completing her Masters in Professional Kinesiology. Kyla volunteers her time working with a program called S.M.I.L.E., which is for children and youth with disabilities and she works one on one with participants to enhance their fundamental skills. Unsure where life is going to take her post this degree but she hopes to combine her education with her passion for health and working with children in youth. Outside of school she enjoys being outdoors, hiking and going on spontaneous adventures. 

Lakota Morris, Muskrat Dam ON

Lakota is a recent graduate from Pelican Falls First Nation High School and taking a year off to work with the youth in her community before starting college either in London, Ontario or Thunder Bay, Ontario. She grew up on a small reserve named Muskrat Dam First Nation where she hunts, fishes, and cuts wood for her family. Her parents and grandparents taught her the traditional ways at a young age. She is the youth worker of Muskrat Dam, Ontario and starting a youth council for the community, and working with the Nellie Fiddler Memorial Health Centre. She has a passion for sports and has been playing from a young age. Her favourite sports are volleyball, basketball, hockey & broomball. She enjoys playing hockey with the younger kids in the community.

Mekwan Tulpin, Six Nations ON

Having participated in three North American Indigenous Games as an athlete, coach and sport manager, Mekwan sought additional leadership opportunities and certifications outside of multiple workplace settings within Indigenous organizations. Currently, she works as the Southeast Regional Coordinator at the Aboriginal Sport and Wellness Council of Ontario. Mekwan is a proud Ontarian of Mushkegowuk Cree and Belgian descent as a member of Fort Albany First Nation. She hails mainly from Simcoe of Norfolk County, but currently resides on Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. She participates both recreationally and competitively in a number of sports including: Lacrosse (Box and Field), Basketball, Fastpitch/Softball, Ball Hockey and more.

Nadine Asmis, Etobicoke ON

Nadine is a Bachelor of Science graduate from McMaster University, and is currently enrolled in Humber College’s Fitness and Health Promotion program.  Outside of school, she teaches Latin and ballroom dancing as well as Zumba Fitness Classes.  She is passionate about getting people moving and helping them live healthier, happier lifestyles.  She is in the process of starting her own fitness training and health coaching business, with the hopes of one day running a healthy living community centre where anyone can learn about fitness, nutrition, civic engagement and mental health.

Sarah Moss, Manotick ON

Sarah is a recent Brock University graduate, majoring in Child and Youth studies. Sport has always been her passion; from a very young age she has been involved in playing and volunteering in the sport world. Through her degree, she plans to encourage young girls to develop positive and healthy traits through sport. She is aspiring to work within the sport world, and further her involvement with children and youth's leadership opportunities. The LEAF project is a very exciting opportunity to being pursuing her goals!

Sarah Weaver, Chatham ON

As a public relations student at St. Clair College, Sarah is passionate about creating change in Chatham-Kent through youth development. She wants to recruit more youth who are as passionate about working to create change in her community as she is. Growing up she was involved in the usual childhood sports like soccer and hockey and wasn’t until 3rd year of high school that she realized how important athletics were. Joining the high school rugby team lit a spark in her that had burnt out after moving across the province. Since this experience, she is passionate about encouraging youth and her peers to get involved with team sports.

Toni Dayno, Pickering ON

Toni is a recent graduate from the Bachelor of Science program at the University of Toronto with a background in Neuroscience and Psychology. During her time at University, she has cultivated an insatiable passion in understanding youth mental health. As an avid running enthusiast participating in a variety of recreational races ranging from 5-21.1k in length, Toni has first-hand experienced the profound joy and positive benefits running has had on her own mental health and overall well-being and aims to share these benefits with the greater community. In University, Toni led the running club at the Scarborough campus and played an integral role in a variety of campus initiatives including enacting as VP of Marketing for Women in Science and Engineering. Currently, Toni works for YMCA Durham as an Instructor for their PlayON program which models healthy lifestyle habits in children from grades 1-8. Toni strives to make meaningful impact through socially innovative projects that put recreation and physical activity at its forefront.



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