Buffy Handel

Buffy Handel was raised mainly on the trap line near Island Lake. Buffy had moved from her community, 300 air miles north of Winnipeg to the city in order to elevate her education. She began to study the traditional arts and dance extensively and now has been a traditional Aboriginal dancer for 12 years.

Buffy has traveled across Canada, the United States and Europe performing and speaking of traditions and many other cultural issues and arts.

Like many rural youth, Buffy’s life diversified when she had moved to Winnipeg. She became interested in sports, school, politics and many other activities. The traditional arts remained in her spiritual sustenance however, as her many interests expanded she began to feel a need to represent her whole self through her Aboriginal culture.

For the past 15 years, Buffy has been conceptualizing the integration of her physical reality with her cultural expression and for the past 10 years, she has run her first company that focuses on the instruction of Aboriginal dance, history and language in a manner that imparts traditions and values to restore identity and pride for Aboriginal people, which give many the ability to preserve Aboriginal heritage.

Buffy’s company Indian Pearl Productions was the winner of the Youth Aboriginal Entrepreneur of the Year for 2005 and also 2005 Aboriginal Youth Achievement Award for Entrepreneur category along with the 2005 City of Winnipeg Youth Role Model -Multicultural Spirituality. She was also nominated for Most Powerful Canadian Woman of the Year.

Through her knowledge and drive she performed and choreographed to name a few; the Juno Awards, the Esquao Awards, Indian Summer Festival, National Aboriginal Music Awards, the CBC Tsunami Relief Concert, the Aboriginal Express, European Grammy Awards, Native American Rock Opera and Tribe of One Tour.

Since 2003, Buffy has also been a presenter and speaker throughout many schools including universities and colleges on a national level. 

Buffy owns 3 companies, from the first Aboriginal professional dance studio in Winnipeg to a clothing line and program development on Aboriginal history. She also has 5 children at home and trains in Brazilian Martial arts, all the while being an active member in the Manitoba Volleyball league.


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