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welcome to Gen 7

Building Capacity

Canada’s Aboriginal Youth Role Model Program

Gen7 is Motivate Canada’s newest role model program targeted at aboriginal youth between the ages of 8 & 25. In partnership with the Aboriginal Sport Circle, the program was developed in 2005, piloting in 7 communities in 2006.

The program is delivered by Gen7 Messengers, trained aboriginal athletes and peer leaders and mentors, who engage, connect, educate and lead aboriginal youth in a process of self-discovery. Inspirational stories, experiences and activities help empower aboriginal youth to meet life’s challenges and reach their full potential.

Through multiple community visits, Gen7 Messengers also listen and learn from youth, Elders and others in the community, helping to identify areas of interest for community development, and providing tools, resources and supports that help them to succeed.


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Program Objectives & Outcomes

  • Aboriginal youth are engaged in a process of self-discovery, developing confidence, character and competence that empowers them to meet life’s challenges and reach their full potential
  • Aboriginal youth learn to live an active and healthy lifestyle
  • Aboriginal youth build connection and a sense of civic engagement, becoming strong leaders and role models that lead and engage others in making a positive contribution in the development of their communities.
  • Strong partnerships are developed with aboriginal youth, Elders and others, contributing to the success planning and delivery of community-driven initiatives and programs that facilitate the positive growth, development and sustainability of their community and their culture.
Program Benefits
  • Aboriginal youth are agents of social change, building on their own strengths, enabling them to resist negative forces in their lives, and empowering them to succeed in fulfilling their life’s goals and dreams.
  • An investment in motivating youth toward healthy behaviours, sound character, social conscience, and a sense of community makes significant strides toward a peaceful, integrated society.
  • Our contributions are measurable and sustainable. We are investing in a pool of talent – better students, better employees, better managers and better civil servants.

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