Ray, a native of Windsor, Ontario, has been a member of Canada’s national sledge team since 2003. Having been involved in sports from a very early age, ray has participated in a wide range of sports, including baseball, swimming, track and field, power lifting and his passion, sledge hockey...

Ray is a double-leg amputee, but he has a gold medal from the 2006 Paralympic winter games and has played in three sledge hockey world championships (2004 and 2008). He helped Canada win bronze at the 2008 world championships, gold at the 2009 hockey Canada cup and bronze at the 2009 world championship. Ray, a defenseman, is considered one of the hardest hitters in the physical sport of sledge hockey and has been dubbed the “ray train” by his teammates. At 6 foot-three and 260 pounds, opponents are forewarned to not get between him and the boards. Off the ice, one will not meet a player more humble or gracious than ray. He works in accounting and sales and is very close to his family. He also expresses his passion for raising awareness of his sport to the children and youth that he meets and encourages them to get involved in sports. He feels it is his obligation as a Paralympian to spread the word to the younger generation and he does so by speaking at schools and community events. His advice to aspiring athletes is to not be afraid to try everything. Take other people's advice, but make decisions for yourself. Don't be afraid to keep at it when it gets hard or difficult, it gets easier the more you practice and commit yourself. His most recent accomplishment was competing at the 2010 Vancouver winter Paralympic games and earning a 4th place finish.


Languages spoken: English

Birthplace: Windsor, ON

Current city: Windsor, ON

Sport: Sledge Hockey

Favourite Food: Japanese

Favourite Colour: Green

What is your single greatest achievement as an athlete?
Winning a Gold Medal at the 2006 Paralympic Winter Games in Turin, Italy.

What is your single greatest achievement outside of sports?
Graduating from Algonquin College with a Graduate Certificate in Sport Business Management.

What's your favourite quote or statement?
"Live everyday as if it were your last, never wake up the next day with any regrets" - Ray Grassi

Who was your role model when you were young?
My grandfather was my role model. He was a strong, sensitive, disciplined, driven and caring man. I always thought if I could just be half the man he was, I would someday be successful.

English Biography: Download PDF


Ray (Grassi) did a very good presentation today at Riverside Secondary School.  He spoke clearly to the students, gave great advice and is a terrific role model for students who are interested in going on to top level sports.

Carol Crooks Program Coordinator, Heart & Stroke Foundation


  • Lindsay Done, ESTEEM Team Manager
  • (613) 789-3333 ext. 601


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